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We are the top mobile notary company in the country with thousands of Bonded and Insured mobile signing agents that have all passed the NNA training and background check. Working with us you know that you will have a professional traveling notary you can trust. Our nationwide staff makes sure all your forms are completed properly.

Our Business Team

We Bring the Forms to You

Do you need a Power of Attorney form or any other document? No problem, our competent staff can help you get the document that you need. Many times, we can have the form professionally filled-out so there will be no errors during the signing process. This small step can prevent major problems in the future. See why we are the best traveling notary.

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Locally Focused National Company

When we first opened our local notarization company, we realized how greatly timely notarization can affect a person’s life. It helped us decide to take our client centric business model nationwide. Today, our supportive network of traveling notaries is available nationwide and when it matters most.


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Traveling Notary to Your Hospital Bed

There are many times a loved one can’t go to an office because of illness or injury. In those cases, you need a professional traveling notary that can come to your side when you need us most. This is when you need a traveling notary. We realize this can be a time sensitive matter and we will have one of our skilled traveling notaries out to you whenever and wherever you need us.


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Pre-Filled Out Forms

Let us take care of the details. We can provide you with a pre-filled out form, so you only need to sign and initial. There are many organizations that won’t except a power of attorney with a correction on it. It’s not worth the risk when filing important documents.

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Our notaries have a yearly NNA background screening. The notary coming to your home, hospital bed or business is a person you can trust.

Mobile Notary Zone, Notary Public, Henderson, NV

Your transaction will be processed through one of the largest and most trusted credit card processing companies in the world.

state registered notary

Registered with the Secretary of State of Nevada with our business license and our owner is a Certified Notary and Mobile Signing Agent.

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You can rest easy knowing that all of our notaries carry their own Bond and E&O insurance.

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Our notaries are certified through the National Notary Association. They participate in training and continued education so they are familiar with all the documents you need.

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Your safety is our top concern. That’s why our company caries a Million Dollar insurance policy for Errors and Omissions and Million Dollar General Liability policy.


We can help with any of your traveling notary needs right at your door. Call us now to schedule.


There are many signing agencies all over the country. For the most part, they have access to the same notaries across the country. I know this because I started this company as a notary. At one point I was doing as many as 10 signings a day so I could get my signing agency up and running. Because of this, I worked for most of the other companies, and I also ran into all of the problems that can come up at a signing. 

We have built this company based off of making sure we did everything we could to solve these problems and even prevent them from ever happening. We knew that in order for us to be the best traveling notary company that we would need the lowest error rate in the business. Here are just some of the things we do differently that makes our error rate lower than 3%.


We have staff answering the phone and emails from 4 am to 11 pm pacific time. When a mobile notary or client has a question, we have someone available to answer right away. If a traveling notary is doing an early morning or late-night signing, if they can’t get the questions they have answered, that could mean the signing doesn’t get completed. We make sure that the traveling notary have that available to them so that we get the job done.


Human error is the biggest issue that comes up in this industry. In most cases, the company receiving the docs won’t know there is an issue until a day or 2 later when the receive the documents. In this scenario, it could be too late to correct the matter and the entire signing may need to be re-done. All people make mistakes and when you are dealing with this much volume you are going to see issues come up from it.

Therefore we require scan backs from all our mobile notaries. Our traveling notary system alerts the quality control department as soon as the documents are received. Our quality control department has been trained to find issues with the executing of the documents. When they review the documents, if there are any issues the traveling notary is made aware of it immediately, and they are instructed to get the corrections completed before they ship the documents. By doing this, we catch a majority of the errors before they are shipped and prevent the problem before it becomes one.


Years ago I started as a mobile notary. I remember buying a new printer after my first closing. Printing the package for that closing wiped out the ink cartridge for my home printer so I knew I had to buy one that worked off of toner instead. At first, every day had some new challenges that I had to solve. A problem would come up and I would scramble to fix it. But at the end of the day, I would look back at the problem and figure out how I would prevent it from happening in the future. 

Eventually, I had gotten enough clients that I was doing as many as 10 signings a day by myself. When I got to this point I had very little room for error. A mistake at one signing could mess up the entire rest of the day’s schedule. This made me look even closer at the process of signings and made sure that I had covered any possible issue that could come up. I designed the way we operate from all of this real-world experience.

One of the things that I realized was how important it was that I completed a signing. If I didn’t do it properly for a person it could have huge effects on their life. Whether it was they weren’t able to refinance their home on the due date and they lost their rate lock, or If I didn’t complete a power of attorney properly, then a person couldn’t help a family member when they needed them most. I adopted the mindset that the clients came 100% first. My needs would always be met if I did this so I never thought about what I wanted to get out of this industry.

I think this is one of the most important aspects of our company. Whether it’s a single signing that we do for a person that will never need us again or a company that uses our traveling notary services on a daily basis, we always work as hard as possible to make sure that we complete the job at hand.

When we work with a title company or a lawyer, we try our best to become part of their team. Many times we provide more for them than they expected from us. If we see somewhere that we can make their lives easier, then we simply find a way to add it to our workflow.


The one thing that I have always noticed about this industry is the level of stress that our clients have when dealing with anything that has to do with Mobile Notaries. It makes sense if you look at the fact that even a small human error can cause a great deal of turmoil. Because of this we are always focused on creating peace of mind for your clients. Depending on what their needs are as a person or a company, they will have many other issues they are dealing with besides the signing process. 

I’ve always thought that if you hire our company for a service like this, you shouldn’t have to worry about it after you’ve sent us the order. We’ve taken the responsibility for doing the job and we should and will get it done properly for you. No one is perfect, there will always be a level of human error. But with how we operate, we reduce the possibilities down as much as possible and when there is an issue, it becomes a top priority for us to make sure it is fixed as quickly as possible.


One thing we have made a point to make sure of was that we had traveling notaries in the hardest-to-reach places in the county. We have created a relationship with all the notaries we work with throughout the country and we make sure we can take care of them properly to get them to go that extra mile. There are times when a signing needs to take place and our closest traveling notary is a 2 or even 3-hour drive in both directions to complete the signing. We know how important it is for you as the client that this is taken care of and we have made sure that we can get these important jobs done for you.