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Mobile Notary Zone eNotary services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our certified notaries will walk you through the easy process of verifying your identity, uploading your documents, connecting with a notary, and getting your documents notarized. While this process may sound daunting to some people, it actually quite easy. Our representatives will be able to walk you through the process in a very simple manner. You can rest assured that your documents have been notarized properly by the time the process is completed. Most people are surprised at how fast and easy the entire process is. Our representatives are ready to serve you. Contact Mobile Notary Zone today for all of your eNotary needs.

5 reasons that companies are going digital

Why are organizations moving to digital transformation? There are numerous reason for this, but here we have laid out 5 of the driving factors.

Everything Cloud

The business world is fast moving to the cloud. The notary industry is no exception. It has been estimated that 75% percent of all notarizations will involve the cloud within the next 5 years.

Remote Workers

People have been working more and more from home. Employees could be located anywhere, and this has put pressure on organizations to give their employees the tools to be more efficient while also being flexible. 

Digital Transformation

Companies have started to move their files into the digital world. They have figured out that having everything in a fully collaborative environment not only increases the quality of the product, but also makes the user experience much better.

Reviewing end-to-end processes 

Companies have had to take a look at their digital transformation process, and how their processes can be mapped to their digital strategy.  Digital signatures unlock and speed up document workflow across value chains being completed digitally. While the signature is the key point here, this also enables all of the other process to flow faster and more efficiently.

Security, compliance and avoiding fraudulent activity

Post Covid, many organisations we talk to have been using electronic signatures to get business done. In brief, that is dropping an electronic version of their or managements signature on a document to sign. Unfortunately, signing this way can mean the document can be altered after the signature. This can lead to altered documents or fraudulent activity. Having a secure Digital Signature provider increases security in the signing process and protects the organisation from a legal and compliance perspective.

Mobile Notary Zone eNotary services do not require an individual to be physically present during a notarization. Rather, our eNotary services allow the individuals and a notary public to perform a notarial act entirely online. This means using a live audio, and video, stream. Documents are signed and notarized electronically with one of our  licensed online notary public.

Once you understand the difference between physical and virtual notarizations, you just need to decide which option is best for you. If your small business has not notarized documents using eNotary services before, now might be the  time for the following reasons:

  1. eNotary services is available anywhere that you are.
  2. Almost all documents can be notarized using eNotary services.
  3. eNotary services are faster and more efficient than traditional notaries.
  4. The security with an eNotary service is more secure.
  5. All transactions are backed up and logged for future reference.
  6. The entire process can be positively verified instantly.
  7. Users are comfortable with the devices used. This is due to the fact that their phones, tablets, and laptops can be used.
  8. For most people, not having to leave the comfort of their home or office is extremely helpful.