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UPS vs Mobile Notary

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UPS Notary vs. a Mobile Notary
We all run into times when we need a document notarized. Sometimes, it’s a surprise situation where your child parked the car in the wrong place and they need a release form signed by you that is notarized.
Other times it is the refinance of your home and you have a huge stack of papers that need an expert to go through them with you. It can be a wide range from trusts, deeds, sworn-in affidavits, deeds, mortgages, and prenups.
Sure, a single document is something that anyone should be able to handle for you, These documents will not have any legal weight if a notary does not verify their signature. So when do you want to use a UPS notary or a mobile notary?
There are times when UPS store notary service is best
Just so you know, there are times I still use a UPS notary. It can be convenient and if it’s a simple document I will just run into a location that I’m close to and have them take care of it.
Years ago, when I first started this business. I got to a point where I was doing as many as 10 signings a day. I was constantly dropping off packages at UPS and FedEx locations and I became friends with one of the guys that worked at a UPS. We talked about my business so he knew exactly what I did.

The UPS store notary got in over his head
Every once in a while I would walk into that store and he would have a loan package in front of him on the table where everyone walking through could see what he was doing and he always had this look of fear on his face as he tried to figure out what he was looking at.
It wasn’t his fault that the client came in, it was the title company sending the documents to the client and told them to just find a notary and they did, at his store.
About 30% of the time (which means there were more of these that had to be corrected that I wasn’t the notary to do it.) I would wind up at that client’s home within a week. They would have to do a full re-draw of the documents.
Some of them lost their rate lock and all of them wound up paying more because of the delay on the loan.
I’m not casting blame on him, he just was doing what he thought was his job. He didn’t realize that he didn’t have the training needed to handle the task he was presented with. And I will say it again, the title company was complete at fault for creating this situation.
The right time to go to a UPS store for notary services
First and foremost, if you have your own transportation. If you need to take an Uber or a taxi to the store, that will probably make it cost the same as a mobile notary public coming to you. Remember, a mobile notary public is still charging you the same for the notarization.
It’s the travel time that is what is considered in the fee that makes the difference. You might think you are saving money but once you figure the travel there and back and you are taking your own time up, it makes it cost more to do.
If you have a single document or just a few documents to get notarized, as long as it’s a simple signature that is required they are the right place to go.
Remember, most of the employees there were told to get their notary public for that job and didn’t have any other interest in doing notary services for a living.
If it is something more complicated, like divorce papers, or a last will and testament, you will want the assistance of a more qualified notary.
If you need a UPS store to print your document they do receive emails from clients. So in you need them to receive emails with your documents, this is one of the store services that ups store locations do offer as part of their notary services.
UPS Store hours

You will also have to work around the UPS store hours. Most of their stores are open to 6:30 PM. You will want to make sure what the hours are for each UPS store to get your documents notarized. They will accept that just walk-in to their business for people that need notarial acts on their documents.
What is a Mobile notary?
So what is a mobile notary, signing agent, or traveling notary? Truthfully, any notary can be a mobile notary. The basic meaning is that they will travel to you to notarize a document.
When a person says, “I am a mobile notary or signing agent” they are saying they are a notary solely for a living where they drive to people to offer this notary service.
Additional training and higher bond and insurance
Most likely, they have taken additional classes and a training course so they can properly handle more complicated signings and they will carry E & O insurance for as much as $1,000,000. Generally, they will mainly perform estate transactions and they will be NNA certified and have a current NNA background check.
Because of the additional training in the mobile notary industry and the need for notaries to visit hospitals for patients, they will also have more experience and knowledge of other legal documents, such as power of attorney documents that need your signature.
What a notary will do during a notarization
All notaries, no matter where you find them, will follow these steps and be able to perform these duties.

Ensures no fraud is involved
Confirms if the parties sign a contract out of their own will and are not forced
Verify the signer’s identity
Complete the notary certificates
Mark the document with a signature and notary stamp
Administer acknowledgments, jurats, and oaths
Act as witnesses for the contract signing
Ascertain the parties know what they are signing

Remember, a notary must either know you personally, or they will need a valid government-issued photo ID to properly verify your identity.Although mobile notaries are often used in large real estate transactions, they are legally eligible to notarize any document, including affidavits, car ownership transfers, wills, and trusts. The mobile notary services reduce the need for clients to make drastic changes to their schedules since the notary public travel to their location, and they are flexible in that you can get them even during non-office hours or even off-hours.
Mobile notary business

A mobile notary business, or signing agency, will have a nationwide network that employs mobile notary publics and provide notary services for people and title companies. Since they have a large number of notary public available to them, they can get notaries to almost anywhere in the country at any time which is a convenience for the consumer.
The cost of a mobile notary public service
This is not a question that has a simple answer. The cost of a mobile notary public is not consistent and can differ from one notary to another. In most cases, the amount that these notaries can charge is dictated by the State in which the notary operates.
However, some states do not dictate the fee, so the notaries can charge whatever they wish.
Generally, standard notary pay starts at $50 for the first notarization and their travel time. Of course, distance traveled and what the signing entails will affect the pricing. You could consider the travel charge as something that makes life easier.
Home loan notarization can be more expensive because such services take longer to be processed and can take up much of the notaries’ time.
Nevertheless, the notary has a duty to inform you about their charges for the notary services before they begin a notarization.
Title companies and loan documents
A smaller local title company will generally have a notary they use in their office for a loan signing at the location of their business. They will schedule an appointment for the client to come to their office where the notary will witness them sign their loan document as a convenience.
Larger companies that do business nationwide will hire a signing agency service to schedule an appointment to sign their paperwork at the client’s home location for their convenience. This makes their life easier by having their signature notarized in a timely manner.
A real estate loan signing
A real estate loan signing can consist of purchase documents, seller’s documents, refinance documents, a Home equity line of credit, or even reverse mortgage documents. All of these can be tricky and some packages can have as many as 250 pages in them.
You will need to sign and have these documents notarized with a notary that has knowledge and experience with them. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be signing documents like this in front of anyone that just happens to walk into a store. Especially when you make an appointment to have the notary service done in your own home.
What is a UPS notary?
UPS offers this as a service at all their locations. Because of this, when someone is hired they are asked to get their notary public. The business owner will almost always be a notary, but not all of their employees get their notary public.
That being the case, if you are going to go to a UPS to get your documents notarized, you always want to call ahead to see if one is working during the hours that you will be going to the UPS store. You will want to make an appointment with the UPS notary service if that is possible.
What kind of document does a UPS store locations notarize?
Even though, technically a UPS store notary can notarize all legal documents, they generally have a list of restrictions that they won’t be willing to offer notary services on.
2 documents that the company makes clear that a UPS store notary will not notarize wills or i-9 employment eligibility verification forms.
Different UPS store services at different UPS store locations
Most of the stores are franchise stores, and because of this, they will have different rules from one to the next. You will want to let them know what kind of document you are bringing to notarize so that they don’t reject doing the notarization when you get there. You will also want to ask them if they have experience with the documents you have. If the documents are a little more involved, you will want to make sure that they are familiar with the signing process for them. Otherwise, they may not be accepted when you try to file them or deliver them to the company or person that requested them.
How to make a UPS Notary appointment
If you need to set up an appointment to get your documents notarized at a local UPS, here are the steps

Go to the UPS website.
Scroll to the Store Services located in the top right corner
Scroll down and click on the Schedule appoint=ntment
Key in your location
Adjust the filter for finer results; if you want to search by store number, open Sunday or Saturday.
Lastly, submit after keying in these important details.
Make sure you bring your government-issued photo ID to the appointment.

What you need to know before making the UPS notary service appointment
After preparing your legal documents for notarization, do not sign them until you meet with the notary. If the document requires several different parties to sign before the documents are notarized, ensure that all the signing parties go to the notary service appointment for the signing at the UPS store.
Some documents require an additional witness apart from the notary. Before the appointment, confirm if another witness needs to be present or not. Sometimes. a UPS employee can help. If they are unable to do so, you will need to bring a witness with you to the appointment.
You want to make sure everyone knows to bring a government-issued photo ID which the notary will need for the document to be notarized.
The cost of UPS notary services
In most cases, the UPS website does not reveal the cost of the notary services, but these charges are based on State regulations. They will be between $5 to $25. In some cases, the price can be per document, while in others, it is charged per signature. Some states have imposed a cap on the maximum notary charges, so it is advisable to check first.
In most states, it appears to be $5 per notarization. This does make it less expensive to get your UPS notary service done when you visit a local UPS Store to get documents notarized.
Pros of UPS store notary

Clients have the options to choose from over 3900 UPs locations
Can have documents notarized with walk-in service at the store location.
The UPS Store does offer shipping services for the notarized document
Inexpensive, the UPS notary service at a UPS Store is normally $5 per notarization.

Cons of a UPS notary store

There are a lot of hassles involved in finding a store, making an appointment, and visiting the store.
The cost of the notary service can vary from different UPS stores.
UPS notary stores do not notarize wills or i-9 employment verification forms.
A notary is not always on staff during their business hours at a UPS Store.
The business owner will almost always be a notary.

Differences between Traveling notaries and UPS notary services
Even though there are 3900 UPS store locations in the country, it does mean you will find one that has a notary on staff and you have to be there when they are available for UPS notary services for your legal document.
Also, there are some limitations on what they can offer as notary services. They are a great option for a simple legal document when you are close to any of the UPS store locations.
A mobile signing agent can work around your schedule and travel to you to put their notary seal on even the most complicated real estate documents. And you can make an appointment for your signing outside of normal business hours because it is the flexibility of the signing agents schedule.
Mobile notaries and UPS notary services, which one should you choose
The advantage of going to a local UPS store to notarize documents
If you have a simple document to notarize and it’s convenient to visit their local store, then it’s good to use the UPS notarize service. Their services will certainly save you money compared to getting a document notarized by a traveling notary. You will certainly get friendly professional service from them.
It would be better to visit a local UPS store to notarize documents in these situations.
If a local UPS store isn’t available for notary service, a mobile notary will be the best option for you
If a local store isn’t close by to visit, you can’t get there during their business hours or you have a more complicated document to notarize, then it is best to contact a mobile notary service. Especially if you have a loan signing. It is common for closings to be held up if a loan signing isn’t properly executed.
You might think you are going to save a few dollars, but if it has to be re-drawn and you need to sign and notarize it again, it could cost you 1000s from a different interest rate.
If you have a loved one that is in a hospital and can’t go to a local store, then you will need the service of a mobile notary to notarize documents for you. You will need a mobile notary service that is familiar with these documents and can make an appointment for these types of notary services.
Some of the advantages of using mobile notary services


Mobile notary services are flexible in that you can use them wherever you wish. With this, you can work within your Schedule without unnecessarily interrupting it. You can get the services wherever you need, at home, at the office, or wherever you desire. This implies that you have the option to continue with your Schedule since this has no hour limitation and traveling hassles. Due to this flexibility, this option is best for those who need an urgent notary since they don’t have to get an appointment and wait in line. With a mobile notary, you are assured of getting the services anytime, anywhere, during or beyond business hours.

It is convenient

Mobile notary services grant you the convenience you need. You don’t have to leave your home to get your documents services because a mobile notary comes to you. The notaries help you fill out firms, mark transactions in their journals, help you sign necessary documents, and complete a notarial act with relevant certifications. Moreover, there is no risk you are likely to incur, like forgetting your documents at a notary or spending much time scheduling appointments and traveling there.

It is widely available.

Unlike the UPS stores that are scantily available, mobile notaries are widely available. Mobile notary services have several agents and certified notaries, and because they are the ones that come to you, where you are located does not matter. For instance, the mobile notary services have over 50000 certified signing agents who can effectively deal with any situation with skills.

Easier and quick access to documents

When going to a UPS store, you are likely to be in a rush to catch up with time. And in this case, you are likely to make mistakes like forgetting those important documents at home. This can be so inconvenient. But with mobile notary services, you can access the documents easily and quickly at your comfort. There is no need to rush because everything you need is with you.

As much as $1,000,000 E & O insurance policy for notarized documents

Most mobile notaries will have a minimum of $10,000 for E & O insurance but some will carry as much as $1,000,000. Since they are doing closings involving homes, they need to have a much higher level of insurance. The notaries at the UPS stores generally will carry the minimum their state requires.

They are available for any need.

Mobile notaries are not only meant for document notarization, although they can still deal with them. With mobile notaries, you can notarize a wide variety of documents including real estate documents, wills, medical documents, and many others.
There are legal documents that you can have but fail to be legally valid if they lack a notary. For instance, giving your attorney trust or will need notarizations for them to be valid. This is why notarizations are essential, and there are individuals trained to offer the service. When people think of notary services, what comes to their mind is the UPS store. Most think UPS stores are fast, convenient, and cost-effective because they don’t know other options.
While this can be true, not all those stores offer document notarization, so you might spend a lot of time traveling and waiting in queues to be served. If you need faster, convenient, and flexible notary services, mobile services can be an excellent choice. But if you aren’t in a hurry, you can consider a UPS store. But the choice you make will depend on your needs and interests.
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