Mobile Notary FAQ

There can be a wide range to the fee for a mobile notary to come out for a client. The biggest factors are the distance the notary has to drive, the amount of notifications that have to take place, and what kind of notary service is required. This being the case it is best for you to call us directly so that we can give you an accurate price.

Yes, we can have the documents prepared for you and we can have a notary bring them directly to your loved ones hospital bed.

We have are able to provide documents that are valid in all 50 states and we can normally have them put together for you with all the information preprinted and a notary out to perform the signing within an hour of you calling us.

We have notaries in all 50 States, and we can get somebody to any location. In one of the most extreme examples we flew a notary to the northernmost tip of Alaska for a signing at a military base.

You need to have at least one valid form of government ID that has a picture on it. The most common used ID is a driver’s license. A passport or a military ID is also acceptable. Ideas from other countries are acceptable as long as notary can Read the ID and identify the person.

In many states, if a person is over the age of 62, they can use a government ID that is expired. You will need to check with the secretary of state with that specific state to confirm it is a valid form of identification.

It must be a valid government ID. preferably a driver’s license. It can be an ID from a foreign country. It does need to be legible for the notary and it will need to have a photo on the ID for the notary to be able to properly verify the signers identity.

Yes, the person must have a government ID that shows a photo of themselves. This way the notary can verify their identity. They can use an ID from another country but it must be legible for the notary.

There are some countries that do not allow for online notarizations so you will need to make sure that country does allow for it. For example, China actually has an internet block setup for this type of service and will actually block the service if detected.
No. A proof of life form is something that needs to be certified by somebody other than a notary. Generally it is a person’s physician that needs to provide this type of document for a person.
There are times where a person is severely ill and unable to sign a document either for physical reasons or because they are not mentally capable. In these cases you will need to get a court appointed guardianship. If you have this issue, please reach out to us and we will get you in touch with one a company that we are partnered with that can help you with this process.

The answer is yes, but there are certain circumstances where it would not be advisable to do so. If the contract is for a transaction that has already been completed, then backdating the contract could create problems if the other party relies on the date in the contract. For example, if you backdated a lease agreement, and the new tenant moved in on that date, they might not be able to get their security deposit back if later they were evicted.

The answer is no. A notary can’t backdate an expired driver’s license. The notary would be committing perjury if they did so. You must consult the DMV for any driver’s license or vehicle-related matters.

How Can a Mobile Notary Help?

This process can be illegal if a simple mistake is made in the process, or when someone intentionally changes documents to reflect what they want to happen. Always consult an attorney or a notary before altering a word on paper.

If you’re caught in the middle of a suspicious scheme that you were unaware of, you will have to show evidence that the document was altered. You will also have to prove that any change was made before you took your position within the company.

If it’s discovered that you broke laws in order to alter a document, there could be serious consequences. This could jeopardize your company’s reputation as well as incur financial penalties for each employee involved in backdating any forms, time cards, reports, etc. Verify that what you’re doing follows proper procedures and standards.

If a court finds out about wrongdoing and decides to pursue legal action against your business, this could result in huge fines and even criminal charges against you and your employees who were aware of this practice but did nothing to stop it. This could potentially put the future of the whole company in jeopardy.

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