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Real Estate Closings by NNA Certified Mobile Notaries

All of our NNA Certified Mobile Notaries are fidelity approved and have extensive experience with closing all forms of Real Estate from simple Refinances to the most complicated Commercial Exchanges. Your loan will be closed smoothly for your client with the professionalism they deserve. Our real estate signing is fast and secure.

Full E-Docs Printing and Scanning Services

No matter where our Notaries are, they can print your documents on the right size paper with mixed printing. This makes a huge difference when the title company receives the documents and begins processing your loan. With the time sensitive nature of this industry you need to know that all steps are being taken on our end to make sure your loan closes on time.

Our Real Estate Signing Services

The Real Estate Signing Experience

We cover all forms of Mobile Notary services, from Power of Attorney forms brought to your loved one in a hospital, to DMV Transfers at the lowest prices.

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Real Estate Signing Closings by NNA Certified Mobile Notaries

All of our NNA Certified Mobile Notaries are fidelity approved and have extensive experience with closing all forms of Real Estate closings from simple Refinances to the most complicated Commercial Exchanges. You can trust our team with their years of experience. Your loan will be closed smoothly for your client with the professionalism they deserve.

dmv transfers

Knowledge of DMV Transfer Forms

For every state there are different rules for a DMV transfers. It’s very easy for a signature or notarization to be missed for these signings and once all the parties have gone their separate ways it’s very difficult to fix the problem. This is one those special situations that you want to make sure is done right. Our experienced notaries are the ones you want to trust with this type of signing.

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Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament is an important document that can have far reaching effects. You will want an experienced notary to handle a signing like this. You want the peace of mind that when the time comes for this document to be read to the benefactors that the notarization is properly executed.

divorce signing

Divorce Paper Notarization and Signings

A divorce is never an easy matter. This is a signing that needs to be handled by a true professional. The Notaries that we have available nationwide are very familiar with these documents and understand the emotional situation this is. They always bring the professionalism needed to make this an easy process.

Real estate closings are some of the most difficult signings that a mobile notary public can handle. These packages may only have a few pages if it is a cash purchase just involving a deed, you can have 100 to 200 pages for a purchase with a loan or refinance to 250 or more for a reverse mortgage or V.A. Loan. You will need a notary that specializes in these documents and the right team helping them if there are any issues during the closing. 

NNA Certified notaries with current background checks All 50,000+ mobile notary publics that handle real estate closings for our clients not only have passed the NNA training course, their current yearly clean background check but also carry a minimum of $10,000 in E&O insurance. We carry a $1 million policy as well. And all notaries that go out for all of our signings have been personally vetted by our office team. We have a personal relationship with each and everyone of them. We’ve done this to make sure you have the best possible traveling notary to come to your signings to make sure it’s completed right. 

Mortgage Refinancing With the current interest rates raising at record levels. These closings are going to become more complicated, and we will most likely start to see Adjustable-rate loans again. It is crucial that you have a mobile notary public that understands the differences between these types of loans. You will need a Mobile Notary Public that can clearly explain the terms of the loan from the closing disclosure. Not only do we have the team of notaries that are familiar with these loans, but our expertly trained staff can help guide them through the closing if issues do come up at the table. 

Our staff is answering the phones from 4 AM to 11 PM Pacific time. This way, you know that you will get the assistance you need to make sure the paperwork is completed properly, and your clients will have the help they need when they need it most. We are always there when you need us! Purchase documents The purchase of your home is arguable the single most important and largest investment in most people’s lives. You need a notary that is an expert with these documents and what the proper procedure is when performing a Home Purchase closing. 

All of our mobile notaries have completed the NNA training for these closings and have real world experience doing hundreds of these real estate signings. We do everything we can to make sure that these closings Sellers Documents An important part of the real estate signing world. These documents will transfer the ownership of the property from the current owner over to the new owner, or buyer. Without both these documents and the buyer’s documents being completed properly, the real estate signing transaction can not take place. Our expert traveling notary public team will make sure that everything is in order so that your purchase experience is smooth, professionally done and completed properly. 

Reverse Mortgages Reverse Mortgages were created to help elderly people that no longer have a income from working but has equity in their home. The bank will create this type of mortgage where the owner makes no payment while they live out their years in the home. When the owner passes away the home is still their property. The bank is owed the money that was lent to them during the life of the loan. The owner can still leave the home to family and loved ones. The recipient of the home can decide to sell the home and receive the money from the sale after the loan is satisfied or they can pay the bank what is owed on the home and keep possession of it. They can even create a new mortgage to pay for the home. 

A Reverse Mortgage is one of the most difficult types of closing to handle. Because of the agreement that the bank is making with the homeowner, the paperwork to execute this agreement has many parts to it and takes a very knowledgeable mobile notary to handle such a closing. We make sure that our traveling notary publics are properly prepared for these closings, and we make sure there are people at the office that are available to answer any questions the homeowner might have. We work to make sure that your reverse mortgage gets completed properly. 

An Assumption loan is just that, 1 person is assuming the rights and responsibilities of another’s loans. This is an option for VA loans when a parent wants to leave a house to a son or daughter. This way, the relative is receiving the benefits that the veteran had with the terms of their loan. Since this is not something you see very often it can be confusing for some mobile notaries. 

When we send out a mobile notary for this real estate signing, we always make sure they are familiar with this paperwork and know exactly how to complete these closings. V.A. loans VA Loans were made to make it easier for anyone that served in the military to be able to buy a home. They have lower interest rates and can pay for 100% of the cost of the home unlike other loans that will require 5% to 20% for the down payment. This is a great help to veterans where many wouldn’t have the opportunity to buy a house otherwise. These loans will have additional paperwork for the VA. 

You will need a traveling notary public that is familiar with these documents to make sure the loans close properly. You can trust our expert team of notaries to handle these important closings for you. Commercial Loans Commercial real estate closings have a different set of issues then almost all other cases. In most states, the laws are based off of the moto “Buyer Beware.” This means that if you are buying a piece of commercial real estate that you will need to do your own due diligence. If there is something that arises after the purchase, the buyer will be responsible as the new owner. 

For example, let’s say there was damage to the roof of a building that was just purchased. After the first rainstorm, there is water coming in and causing damage to the property. The previous owner has no responsibility for these issues and the new owner will need to deal with it as best as they can. Fidelity Approved Notary We are a Fidelity approved signing agency and many of our notaries have the Fidelity approval. This means we are able to handle any closings for all title companies that are expecting this certification and high standard from our notaries.