Find a Notary near me - How to find the right notary service providers

When you need a document notarized, it’s important to locate a notary near me who can help. A notary public is authorized to witness the signing of notarized documents and certify them. If you need to get your documents notarized quickly, there are several ways to do so. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best ways to find a location for a notary near me and have your notarized documents processed quickly!

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When looking for a notary signing agent to complete your legal forms

It’s important to find one that is close to you. A notary public is authorized by their state to witness the signing of a notarized document and certify them as authentic.

In addition to finding a notary who is close to you, it’s also important to find one who can provide quick service. Notaries are often busy and may have a backlog of requests, so be sure to call ahead and make an appointment. You may also want to ask if the notary offers mobile services, as this can be a huge convenience by coming to you to sign your document instead of you having to travel to them and their locations.

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Notary public services - the services a notary public can provide

Though this will vary from state to state. Notary services typically fall into three categories: administrative, financial, and personal. And while the most common notary services are to certify signatures on documents, a notary can also take your deposition, administer an oath or affirmation, or witness your signature on a will or power of attorney. They are not to legally consult you.

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The first step to contact a notary near you

Is identifying what type of notary services you need. If you’re unsure which category your needs fall into, don’t hesitate to ask the office that requested the notarization for clarification – they should be able to point you in the right direction. From there, follow the steps below to find a qualified professional near you.

The different types of legal documents

1) Legal and Administrative Services:

Many times these are forms drafted up by a valid attorney. To find a notary for these notary services the best place to start is your local government office as long as you have the time to go to them. In many government offices, the secretary of state has a notary on staff that is available during business hours. All states also have Notaries Public Commissioned by the Secretary of State – these notaries can usually be found in county courthouses or state capitols.

2) Personal Services:

This can be a wide range of notary services you can need from a notary public to notarize. From wills, power of attorneys, DMV transfersdivorce papers, and many of your own documents that need a notarization. Remember that wills and power of attorney documents can be complicated.

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NNA certified notary publics

The National Notary Association (NNA) is the largest professional organization of notaries public in the United States. Their members provide mobile notary services and notarize electronically. This is the standard in training for Real Estate signings such as refinancing your home, the purchase or sale of a home, real estate firms, HELOC signings and reverse mortgages.

It is possible to get these documents and forms notarized at a location that provides the service for a lower fee or even for free if you are a member (i.e. locations like a bank or if you are a member of a credit union.) The problem is the public notary that is working at these locations will have little to no training with these specific legal documents.

With real estate transactions, time is always very important

There is generally a rate lock attached to a loan for a home. If there are issues that come up from the signing that delays the recording process it can lead to either redrawing the documents, a change in the interest rates, or even the transaction not closing at all. This is something you don't want to risk by saving a small amount of money just for convenience.

Mobile notaries - how they provide a better level of service

The majority of mobile notaries are NNA certified. This means that they not only did the classes to get their notary public appointment, but they also did additional classes and training from the highest respected organization in the industry and they have a current clean background check. The biggest difference is this is a business they run for themselves. This means they are much more invested in doing this correctly than a person that took a job at a place that told them to get their notary and notarize when a customer comes into a company’s location. They take the position seriously and what they are doing for the client.

Remember to have a valid government-issued id

A notary public will need a government-issued photo id to verify your identity. Even if you find a notary, they won’t be able to provide you with notary services without it unless they personally know you.



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