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If you’re in the market for a new or used car, chances are you’ll need to have some paperwork notarized. This can include the bill of sale, the title transfer, and any other documents related to the purchase of the vehicle. It’s important to know what’s required in order to get this process done smoothly.

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all of the information you need about getting a notary for auto paperwork. Let’s get started!

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Auto Notary Services

When you’re buying or selling a car via private sale, you and the other party involved are supposed to sign the title in front of a notary before the title transfers. Usually, one of the main benefits of negotiating a private sale, versus going through a dealership, is that you get a better value for your new vehicle. However, great deals come with many responsibilities. Therefore, to ensure the entire process runs smoothly, you must meet all of the legal requirements in every step of getting your car title notarized.

If you’re wondering how you can get a notary public for an auto notarization process, no need to worry. Below are a few steps to follow when you need to notarize a car title.

Prepare to get your car title notarized

Conduct thorough research

Generally, some states require different procedures than other states, and it’s up to you to follow them. For instance, some states don’t require notarization for auto sales, while others have a long list of requirements, other services, and other agreements. Therefore, you must research and learn more about your state, its procedures, and requirements before contacting an auto notary, in order to save time.

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Determine what legal documents you'll need to get your car title notarized

As the rightful owner of a vehicle, you’re advised to always carry the car title, your driver’s license, and any forms from your insurance agency. You might also need to have other forms on hand, depending on your state’s requirements to notarize a car title.

For instance, some states don’t need you to get the car title notarized before selling it, but others will need you to carry several documents to have your car title notarized. Therefore, on the signing day, you should have all of the important documents to ensure the process runs smoothly. If you have all of the legal documents and meet the requirements of your state, an auto notary will sign the title. The signed car title supports that you’ve kept up your end of the deal.

Ensure you possess the right to sell

Even though it might seem obvious that you possess the right to sell the vehicle, this right differs depending on your state’s laws. For instance, minors do not possess the right to sell a vehicle without parental or guardian authorization, regardless of the name on the car title. Some states prevent vehicle sales whose title ownership lists liens. In this case, you must bring along proof of lien release to the notary’s office to help you acquire the right to sell the car and notarize all of the necessary forms.

Find a place to notarize your car

The next step is finding a place where you can get your car title notarized. Usually, you’re encouraged to look for an auto notary at a credit union or local bank because most financial institutions have a notary public who notarizes your documents at a fair fee. UPS stores also have a public notary that charges a small fee, but you should call first and verify if one is available. You can also search for a notary public online to find and compare notaries that are close to you, easily accessible, that performs this service, and other legal services.

Schedule an appointment with a notary or use online notary services

After ensuring you have met all of the requirements according to your state and have all of the most important documents ready, find a notary, and schedule an appointment at the notary’s office, or somewhere that’s close to you. The notary will guide you through the service and help you get your car title notarized.

Getting the documents notarized

Determine who needs to be present

When determining which individuals are supposed to be present, you’re advised to check your state requirements on who needs to be present for the signing. For instance, some states require the signatures of both the buyer and the seller for the title in front of the notary. You can also inform your notary that both of them did sign.

On the other hand, in some states, only the seller needs to sign. In some cases, this service can be performed with open car titles. They can authorize a car to be notarized without the buyer’s name being stated anywhere in any of the documents. Therefore, it’s essential to research and learn who should be present during signs, according to your state’s requirements, to avoid inconveniences.

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Carry the required documents with you during your notary appointment

After ensuring all of the documents required are ready, take them with you to your appointment. As customers, you’re also required to pay the notary a fee for their service. You’ll need a state-issued ID. Whichever form of ID you use should have your picture, which shows you possess it.

Signing the titles in front of the notary

After your notary goes through your documents and verifies them, they’ll instruct and guide you through the signing process. You must use blue or black ink when signing. If you’re the seller, you should sign your name as it’s listed on the notary forms. For instance, if the title uses your last name, you’re supposed to sign your last initials too. If you’re the buyer and you’re needed, you should sign your name as you want it to appear on the title. Therefore, if you want your first initial to appear on the title, you should use your first name.

Have your notary sign and seal or stamp your car notary

After both the buyer and seller have signed, the notary signs and seals or puts a stamp on the title. The notary verifies that the signatures signed above are of the seller and the buyer or that of the seller alone, depending on the requirements.

Making notary fee payment

Typically, the notary fee you pay is for the notary services. The price, or amount of money, of a notary fee, depends on who you use.

The benefits of having an auto notary handle the signing

Ensuring your document is signed by a notary is a requirement to ensure it’s legally binding. The function of a notary is to confirm the identity of the one signing the document, thus ensuring they’re aware and completely understand the content in the document being signed.

Usually, there are two types of notaries: stationary and mobile notaries. Stationary notaries work from their offices or homes by requesting customers visit them to have the acts performed. On the other hand, mobile notaries move from place to place, conducting their businesses where their clients are located to perform the notarial act. Below are some benefits of involving a notary in the signing process.

Help prevent fraud

Having a notary while signing the documents helps prevent fraud because they start by verifying the necessary elements, including an ID. Therefore, their presence ensures you present the required forms and verifies them by ensuring they are the original copies. And any signature on a photocopied document is canceled and hence not notarized. The other role of the notary in preventing fraud is to ensure that the parties involved are signing the documents out of their free will and not under duress. It also gives the parties involved confidence in the transaction they’re carrying out because a third party handles it. Therefore, the notary is responsible for malpractice, especially if they start favoring one party. If you own this type of business, it could be beneficial for you to hire one notary among your staff. But most people might opt to hire a mobile notary.

Showing ID

Flexibility of time

A mobile notary is preferred by many due to their flexibility with time. They’re usually available and ready to offer services anytime, be it early in the morning or late at night. Usually, they’re certified to help clients with the services they need ranging from structural settlements and general services to real estate. They’re generally fit to work on your schedule.

Convenience and availability

Approximately 4.5 million operating notaries are available, thus making it less difficult to find a notary to work within urban centers. If you’re in rural and small towns, it might be a bit challenging, but mobile notaries are always here to your rescue. A mobile notary doesn’t mind if you live ten or forty miles away from the city because they’ll come and render the services you need. You can also decide on the time and location for your notarization. Your documents can be signed and notarized while you’re traveling without needing an office.

Ease of contract

Generally, hiring a notary makes it easy for you to enter contracts. Usually, the notary’s role is to ensure the signatures signed on the legal document are legit and authentic, thus saving your business or firm from any legal complaints or implications affecting its production. Of importance to note is that the role of the notary is to ensure the authenticity of the signatures and not the details or content of the legal document. Therefore, they cannot prepare or assist in preparing the legal document. All they’re needed to do is avail themselves during the signing of the document to ensure the person named in the contract is the one signing the legal document.

No hassle for a location for services to be rendered

If you choose to hire a mobile notary, there’s no need to keep looking for a favorable location for you to meet because they’re always available and ready to offer their services twenty-four seven. Doing so saves you some money and time because they’ll still show up even if you request them to meet you at your home, office, or hospital. Therefore, there’s no need to leave your office or take time from your busy schedule to go to a notary’s office because mobile notaries are here to offer the services you need in your comfort.

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Importance of notarizing documents in court

There is no need for a witness in court

Usually, a notarized document is used as evidence in a court of law because it’s considered self-authenticating. Therefore, it can be presented in a court of law as evidence during the trial, and it requires no proof because it indicates that whatever the document states happened. Therefore, a notarized document can prevent the witness from being present during the trial, thus saving you a lot of time and money. Similarly, a notarized document also provides legal protection because it prevents contract litigation and disputes. It does so by ensuring the parties that signed the contract meet their end of the deal as stated by the legal document.

Deter forgery

It prevents scammers from taking advantage of victims who are in need. Usually, you’re advised to look for a trustworthy notary to help verify the identity of the parties involved in the signing. They also add protection when it gets to the implementation of crucial documents.

Improves the credibility of your document

Notarizing your document makes it legally binding. Even though this doesn’t apply to all notarized documents, having your document notarized increases its authenticity and inherent value.


In a nutshell, if you want to notarize your car title or learn more about notary purchase auto, you can begin by enquiring more about the details you’re unfamiliar with from your notary. Therefore, you can hire a mobile notary if you don’t want to go to the office or travel to where the notary operates. Hiring a mobile notary is fairly easy, but you will have to pay a little more for their travel expenses as well as pay for the notary service fee as agreed. The other option is signing up for online notary services, which allows you to get your car title notarized remotely. However, this method can be very expensive. Therefore, you should choose a notary that is within your budget.



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