Why Mobile Notary Services are Important to Law Firms

Legal professionals know how important it is to have professional notaries on staff. Notaries are certified agents who are responsible for verifying the authenticity of signatures on legal documents, and their notary services are an integral part of the legal process.

In recent years the role of the notary public and the notary services they provide has changed dramatically. With the advent of mobile devices and cloud-based storage solutions, notaries can now work remotely out of the office and access information from anywhere in the world, making them mobile notaries.

This has made the notary services that they provide a valuable asset to law firms. Many firms, along with individual lawyer and attorney, are now hiring mobile notaries to help them stay relevant.

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The Mobile Notary Law Firm Partnership

Today companies all over the globe are looking for ways to increase their productivity, while also looking for ways to reduce their costs. Additionally, the new ways of doing business are changing the way companies interact with their clients and employees.

No business or organization is excluded from these new tactics, including law firms, that are looking to expand their business network and their profits.

In this blog post, we will discuss new business tactics, and specifically how it relates to law firms utilizing the mobile notary industry, to make it easier to service their clients.

With that being said, here are the 3 top reasons why law firms should incorporate using a mobile notary service into their company’s daily routine.

3 Reasons Why Law Firms Should Incorporate Using Mobile Notary Services

1. Mobile Notary Services Open Up New Business Opportunities to Meet Clients Outside of the Office

Since the world is becoming more diverse and flexible, the need for instituting new mobile services like a mobile notary is just what law firms need to expand their client base.

A mobile notary can provide services that make it easy for an attorney, lawyer, and other legal professionals to help the clients that they already serve in a variety of ways.

Reach clientele that needs a notary ASAP

For example, a mobile notary can help a law firm accommodate the needs of people who may require their services the most.

In a case involving family law, the lawyer may recommend using their mobile notary to eliminate the need for a prospective client, like a single mother, to travel back and forth to their office during regular business hours.

In essence, these new services will also open up new business opportunities to serve people in their immediate area, the surrounding communities, and other locations that they normally could not reach easily.

Extends the hours of office operations

Additionally, the use of a mobile notary can also help a law firm to extend its services beyond normal business hours, reaching a broader target audience. Simply put, these services are often great for emergencies that may arise.

For instance, if someone needs legal service after business hours, it would not be too late to contact a public notary, schedule an appointment, and perform the service of notarization. This is just what kind of convenient service a lot of individuals and organizations need.

Whenever these types of mobile notary services are offered, it makes it much easier for people who need legal help. Because of a busy schedule, they may not be able to make an appointment for their notarization at a regular notary office.

Many more people can take advantage of the additional time frame. This is also a good way to increase revenue and profits for law firms, especially those that want to make these services a priority for their clients.

2. Round the Clock Service for Prospective Clients in Nearby and Far Away Places

People need documents notarized all the time for a variety of reasons.

Convenient & flexible appointment times

In some cases, an individual may need to travel to a location far away from his or her home to meet a specific deadline. Therefore, it is very important for a prospective client to find an attorney or law firm that can help in expediting the process.

This also eliminates the added time involved in traveling to a distant location for the notarization and signing process.

Thankfully, with mobile notary services offered by a law firm, customers can get the around-the-clock professional services that they need from virtually any place that they reside.

For instance, unlike most traditional public law firms, a legal team that offers the mobile notary option can expand its services to a much broader audience that operates at different hours during the day.

If someone needs notary services at 7 p.m. on a weekend, they can obtain the services needed without having to wait until the physical office location opens up on Monday morning. In either case, a law firm’s clients can have their legal paperwork notarized by professional signing agents in a timely manner.

3. Helps Boost the Notary Public Part of the Business

A law firm is not only helping its own company thrive. By providing mobile notary services, they also help boost the business of the public notary.

For instance, the client does not have to travel to a distant location like a notary office. Instead, they can take advantage of mobile notary services to obtain the help of a notary public. They can easily meet a notary on the go to get the legal document that they need notarized.

Look for free durable power of attorney forms online and gather all of your important documents. There are a lot of online sources that can help you with creating your power of attorney document. However, you should get a copy of the durable POA from an attorney or law firm so that you can have it reviewed by someone who knows what they’re doing, like a lawyer. Also, if you’re unsure about something, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Expands notary network

Also, because the mobile notary has the freedom to accommodate people from all over the city in different communities, they are not limited to providing these services of their mobile notary business to a specific area that is close to their law firm.

A notary can also assist in other ways

It is also important to note that productivity will also increase since the notary public can be working on other tasks in between signings.

For example, the attorneys and others on the legal team may be working on a complicated court case that requires a lot of professional research and writing. Whatever the case or situation, the mobile notary can help eliminate a huge part of the time-consuming activities by efficiently managing the clients that require their types of services.

How does the mobile notary service work?

Before people use mobile notary services, it is important to have some kind of understanding of how these services actually work. With the wealth of information available on the Internet today, it is easy to find out how these notary services work and where they can be found.

It is very important to recognize the fact that some people may need a document notarized in a short time frame. The document may need to be notarized in a timely manner to meet specific legal requirements.

This is especially true if a person needs certain documents notarized to complete a loan signing or the process of obtaining a power of attorney.

Mobile Notaries and Legal Documents

A law firm hires a mobile notary as the professional go-to person for all notarial acts related to the business. The role that a mobile notary performs for a law firm is often all-encompassing.

For instance, before documents can be notarized, they will need to be checked to make sure that they meet specific legal requirements.

Notary signing agents should check legal paperwork for the following:

  • Must verify the signer’s identity before the document can be notarized
  • Must witness the signing of each of the documents to be notarized
  • Certify documents, sign, and then stamp the appropriate documents
  • Verify all the documents that are presented to the notary
  • Signatures cannot be obtained under the suggestion of compulsory signings
  • Once all of these standard procedures have been followed and verified, the notary can complete the loan signing or whatever type of notarization is required.

Who is a Mobile Notary?

A mobile notary may also be referred to by several names including a traveling notary, signing agent, and notary public. This professional notary may visit one or more locations that are pre-determined by the law firm itself.

To ensure this process is performed and completed according to the law, certain qualifications must be met.

Paper that says roles and responsibilities

What roles are mobile notaries responsible for?

The primary role of the traveling notary is to meet each client personally. Once they meet the individual with the legal paperwork, they are immediately required to follow the notary public commission process.

Standard Notary Procedures:

  • Verify the client’s identity
  • Review paperwork for authenticity
  • Witness the signing of the documents
  • Sign and stamp the document
  • Record the signing in their notary journal

After these procedures have been followed, you’re good to go.


How Can a Mobile Notary Help You?

A mobile notary can help you save time and schedule an appointment for a reasonable cost to perform a number of professional services. More importantly, everyone needs to know who may need these mobile notary services the most.

Who needs a mobile notary?

For instance, some law firms may need their clients to have paperwork notarized before they can add a specific legal document to their legal claims. They may need these services to ensure loan documents are correct to complete a loan signing and are approved by a certain date. In either case, the mobile notary is trained to provide notary services in a variety of legal areas.

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Realtors & Mortgage Lenders

Additionally, there are at least 2 industries that seek out notary services on an everyday or continuous basis. These are professional individuals who specialize in real estate transactions or home loan signings.

Since real estate agents and mortgage lenders require specific types of notarized documents, per title companies, before they can complete an application, their clients can easily utilize the notary services of a mobile notary to assist with the process.

Types of Documents That Require Notarization

You may or may not be familiar with the different kinds of legal documents that require the signatures and stamps of certified agents, signing agents, or as they’re better known, notaries. Therefore, before you request mobile notary service, familiarize yourself with the documents you will need.


Today, you can find a wide range of different types of services online. In fact, many of the most essential business activities are now going mobile. Going mobile is affecting virtually every industry, including the legal field. Law firms are now using mobile notaries and mobile notary services to serve their clients.



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